2018-2019 Board Members

Sharon Morris, PTC President

Sharon has her hands full with four kids; she has a kindergartener, 2nd, 9th and 12th grader! 

Her favorite PTC activity is the Holiday Shoppe because all the kids are so sweet and thoughtful! She says, "They really do take the time to find the 'perfect' gift and when they do, their face shows it! Absolutely my favorite!"

Is being a Mom and wife a hobby? When she does have free time she likes to garden - she adores those little succulent plants, cutest little plants ever!

The best way Sharon likes to unwind after an event is by heading home and embracing whatever chaos is waiting for her there. 


Becky Dunn, PTC Secretary

Becky has two daughters; Addison and Kendra both attend AEC this year. She has been a member of the DBSDPTC for six years and acting president for the previous two. Before she was president, she was a VP for MEC and is currently acting as secretary.

Becky's favorite event is the Basket Raffle, notably when there is a Disney prize included! 

Hobbies include crafts with her girls and cooking. Her favorite way to unwind after a PTC event is putting up her feet and enjoying time with her family, especially their puggle, Stuart. 


Hi I'm Amy Demberger. This is my sixth year on the board and my third as Treasurer. Prior to being Treasurer I was the President. I have a son, James, who is in 8th grade. 

My favorite PTC event is the Harlem Wizards game. It's a lot of fun to see the teachers and other staff playing the Wizards in a basketball game. 

In my spare time I teach lifeguarding classes at the Y and I like to read and watch football. 


Amy Demberger, PTC Treasurer


Katrina Fusco, VP/ DBPC Rep

Heather Peterson, VP/ DBPC Rep

Janine Bastady, VP/ DBIC Rep


Jenn Harding, VP/ Rep for DBIC

Lynne Decker, VP/ DBMS Rep

Donna Elgonitis, VP/ DBMS Rep

Heather has an 8-year-old daughter named Avery who attends Daniel Boone Area Primary Center.  The 2018-2019 school year is Heather's first on the PTC board, but she volunteered as a member last year.

Her favorite PTC event last year was Book Bingo & Holiday Shoppe.

I enjoy watching Avery participate in gymnastics & swimming, spending times with our recuse dog, Gilbert & shopping at Target.

Lynne has two kids, Abbey who attends Middle School  and Kelsey who attends the high school. 

Lynne's favorite hobby is reading; she enjoyed the Back to School BINGO this year!

She is also heavily involved in Girl Scouts, and stays busy with the school and scouting. 

The best way for Lynne to unwind after an event is to curl up with a book and a glass of wine, surrounded by loved ones. 

Donna has two children in the Daniel Boone district, Jacob and Emma who are both in the middle school this year! This is her second year serving on the board. 

Hobbies include playing outdoors with her kids, playing board games, reading, and shopping.

Donna's favorite way to unwind after an event is with a good movie or sitting by the fire with friends and family!


Jenn has two children in the district , a 6th grader named William and a 3rd grader named Gwendolyn.

This is her fourth year as a member of the PTC. 

She stays extremely busy with activities such as crocheting, camping with her family, and most outdoor activities.  Her volunteer work extends throughout the community; she also serves as Boy Scout Committee Member, Boone Area Library Board Member, and she stays active as a Rockstar Roller Derby League Member!


Janine has 8 year old twins, Luke and Paige. They are excited to attend DBIC this year!


This is Janine’s first year on the board and is looking forward to a great year!


Janine’s favorite PTC event is of course the holiday shop! Everything HOLIDAY is her favorite!

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This is Katrina's first year on the PTC board and is a representative at the Primary Center, where she has 2 first graders. 

Her favoritte PTC event is the Holiday Shoppe!  Being able to see the kids choosing gifts for their family members is so exciting!

She enjoys family days as well as winding down with a quiet house and a good book.